There are phases where in we meet people, befriend a few, spend time with them and make memories. Then we move on because of different reasons, the bond may or may not remain, but the memories are carried on, they are triggered by little instances we meet on the way…

If the pictures are uploaded on FaceBook, it reminds us of these from that day in the past. But one doesn’t need FB to remember, always. That said the joy of recollection of those times even if it happened an hour ago makes it worthwhile to go on a revisit mode! …

One such memory popped up today!


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32 thoughts on “Re-visit”

  1. That’s so true Di!!! I still remember my friends whose contacts I lost long ago! Sometimes very ordinary and small things trigger their memory, and then we smile, flipping the pages of our past.
    P.S. Would you care to share the memory, that popped today?

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    1. A friend and I were trying to take a picture of us in front of the mirror with her camera, but the flash kept on flashing 😂😂 because of the low lights … But the pictures taken in monochrome came out well after we found a way to block the flash..

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        1. It was great fun since we were at it at night, after dinner, and a common friend who walked into our room thought we had gone bonkers!

          She may turn up here to comment later, if she does you can hear her side of the revisit.

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          1. So, she blogs too? That’s amazing that many bloggers here have friends who blog too. And when I say to my friends that I run a blog, “Oooooooo, so you write a blog. hmmm” lol


        1. On the blog yes especially when there are faces on it! Will share a few artbitary ones.. But check the comments on this post.. Have given a description to Harsh what it was.

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            1. So when we put it up on fb, the entire discussion was on what was in my hand blocking the flash… A picture, a query, and a fun discussion on it.. all put together makes for a memory chain from a single pic

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