The Noise over the Loudspeaker. 

I was at this bus stop the other day, that’s when I heard the azaan. And I remembered Sonu Nigam’s angst over twitter. Amidst the honking and the general noises on the road, this call for prayer was soothing. I too sent up a prayer unconsciously and wondered whether if I always have whenever this was sounded. I never have realized even if I did. I really tried to feel irritated over this call. I wanted to! But, it came and went so soon, all I could feel was a calm. Prayer does that to people, I guess.. 

I was brought up in a locality where I woke up to the gayathri mantra everyday around 5.45-6 am like an alarm clock. The day I was in hostel away from home, I realized how much the temple music was part of my waking hours. It could be that, that I have always been used to sounds breaking in or that I am deaf in my ear because of these sounds breaking in … 😂😂 


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9 thoughts on “The Noise over the Loudspeaker. ”

  1. it was my granny who used to wake me up, by her gargle and then the morning bhajans. never took it to twitter……….. I am soo naïve
    I believe , there shouldn’t be loudspeakers though.
    what’d sonu call loud gargles, I wonder. Forced hygiene

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              1. I haven’t yet……
                And I am not getting the jokes……..
                Everyone around was like, Katappa ne bahubali ko kyu mara???
                Nai pta bhai maine nai dekhi hai bahubali


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