Now that I know who Kattappa is (I watched the first film in the series last night), every meme falls into place. And I can empathise with whoever is/was anxious about the why and the frezny … 

I’ve had my share of sleepless nights, theorising when Rowling had killed Dumbledore in The Half Blood Prince and the final book in the Potter series was still 2 years away! Dumbledore can’t be dead! Similarly, why did the very loyal Kattappa kill his favourite Baahubali? If a storyteller be it a filmmaker or a writer can grab the attention of their audience and sustain it for over a year or more that is indeed the success of their art. 

I know why Kattappa may have killed Baahubali, 😊😊😊. 

For the uninitiated, 

  1. Baahubali is a two part epic fantasy that has captured the trends in social media and most of the Indian film going audience since its release in 2015. The second and final sequel released over the weekend putting an end to the suspense 😊. 
  2. Harry Potter is a 7 part story in the school story genre of a young boy in a wizarding world imagined by JK Rowling. It took the reading world by storm post 9/11 though the first book released in 1997. 

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10 thoughts on “#whykattappakilledbaahubali”

    1. You can get a box set and begin to read if you haven’t. Back in 2005 around, the deathly hallows wasn’t published yet. So the suspense lasted until 2007 until the new book was released.

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  1. HP oru sambhavam aayirunnu. Oro puthiya book irangumbolum I used to read so furiously (for want of a better word!) that I bettered my personal best reading time! Ohhh, as far as Baahubali is concerned, I’m yet to be initiated. Maybe I’ll watch it soon!

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      1. Finishing that last book was hard for me (because of the realization that it was going to be the last book of a much beloved series). Njan ithu varem kandilla. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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