#MondayMusings : How the stars were born 

“When the earth was covered in darkness… a little magical boy named sun and his little sister moon, rode their phoenix up into the darkness. They shot enchanted arrows that exploded and filled the dark sky with infinity stars….” Samurai Jack XCVI 

I was amused by this story, therefore thought of sharing it. Samurai Jack used to be aired on Cartoon Network. My brother and I used to watch it without fail. We sat and binge watched all the available episode of season 5 yesterday, the last and final season aired after 12 years…. 


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pins & ashes

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14 thoughts on “#MondayMusings : How the stars were born ”

              1. Hahaha, don’t worry. And yes, the same caution caution for the anime that I told you, the violence will start from the first episode only, but you will LOVE it!


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