The Mango Weekend continues

During scbool days-summers, one of my main rituals in the morning, almost daily, was to make Mango Fool. MJ would help me pour them into bottles, and store them in the refrigerator.. So that when we come back tired from all the games and plays in the sun, we can go straight to the refrigerator, open it’s door, and relish the chilled mango fool to our heart’s content. Mango Fool is ripe mango blended with an amount of milk/cream and sugar (if needed) to get this creamy texture. I don’t really know how it is different from a milkshake but that’s what we have called it ever since childhood. 

 I’m inundating the blog with mango pictures. The mango weekend continues … We all have mango memories.. Would love to hear .. 


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19 thoughts on “The Mango Weekend continues”

      1. Ok, m kuch aur bhi bolta hu!
        Mango is a sweet fruit, and is called the ‘Raja’ king of the fruits. The kingdom of fruits is vast but mango never ceases to outdelicious the other fruits. The strange magic of this fruit enchants a person in it’s sweet taste.
        But things started changing when Katrina Kaif shook the grounds of the kingdom of Mango. Even since she and Varun Dhawan did an ad about Mazza and Slice, poeple tend to move toward these bottles of Mango Syrup. But our Mango was smarter, he overpowered both of them and regained his kingdom, like a man. And till date, people crave for mangoes and love them!

        Aur kuch bolu? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        PS – Please don’t kill me after this.

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