About conversations! (Rant)

Have you noticed with conversations? Some conversations have this knack of leading from south pole and then land directly on the moon. From where to where, we’d think. These days, I’m kind of weary to talk to people more, because I don’t know what words and reasons may trigger some memory or stir up a demon in their closet or stir up ours too. The emotional outbursts thereafter and the bad blood that follows! Are becoming too sensitive as a population, unnecessarily?

To think of it, we may all have our little and big demons, a few we are aware of, a few we don’t know about, a few more we wouldn’t want to share, one or two we don’t want to confront. If we have somebody to talk to about it, I think that’s the best support system and venting out of our bottled up emotions. If not, we need to find ways to sort oursleves out because the skeletons and many times the decomposed still lie there rotting. 

Wallowing in any kind of self indulgence or emotional outbursts don’t always solve the problem…  If there are skeletons they need to be thrown out, consciously! 

Just saying! 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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