Indian Summers

Positively, FB is not for Indians, or rather not for me. I open and it tells me (I’d love to think it tells me alone, but😎) “the clouds have moved, enjoy the sunshine.” And I go ewwwww! Either FB needs to customize itself to an Indian summer mindset and say, “what’s up in the sky, are they black clouds, is it rain…” Or I need to wear tinted goggles to live under a cooler illusion. May be FB can hire me to customize it to more Indian loving clime… 😊😊😊 

Or, go ahead and watch a film and be chilled for 2-3 hours. Like Phillauri. Who cares that it is slow, nobody acts, and Anushka Sharma is a ghost flying around all the time leaving glitters in her path… The cool air inside the theatre makes up for all that faulty film making … I’d say watch the film for the twist in the end, never saw it coming, but by god! What a twist that was!!! 


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55 thoughts on “Indian Summers”

                    1. What a relief!!! Everyone here was criticizing me for taking this up, my friends especially. They were saying ” na yahan ka rahega, na vahan ka” They got me worried about this decision, but now I am willing to take it. How did you find this combination?


                    2. Even I think so. My current school doesn’t provide pcmb, so I need to take admission in another. When I went to my school, my teachers and principal discouraged me, they said the same thing, but my sisters said that I can do it. And I like Bio and I love doing Maths, even though it’s a bit complicated. How did you find pcmb? How did it work out for you?

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                    3. For starters! It is a good base. I could teach a few of my friends calculus! I never pursued any of these subjects as core, but the studies in 11 & 12 has helped me form basics in all of them. Talking points and conversation builders (Just found your comment in the spam, recovered now)

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                    4. Guess frogs experiment is not there now… But if it is, I’ll see it.
                      Yeah, I can’t just decide right now, so it’s better to have every option opened… 😊


                    5. No, not yet. I haven’t even completed the whole series yet… 5,6 and 7 part are yet to read… I was watching anime shows right now, and reading the lost symbol meanwhile…


                    6. Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, just finished all the episodes yesterday night… 😍😍 It was so good!!
                      Yeah, dan brown one.
                      No, never heard about it…


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