C/o Saira Banu (2017) Malayalam | Manju Warrier, Amala Akkineni, Shane Nigam

Manju Warrier dons the role of a postwoman, Saira Banu. She lives with her college going son, Joshua Peter played by Shane Nigam. That’s the mystery the trailer leaves you with. Keeping the religious parentage mystery aside, the story moves on to a murder of a Bengali worker in a freak road accident one night. Joe, short for Joshua is implicated on multiple charges, arrested and in prison in remand. Amala plays advocate Annie John Tharavadi who is convinced about Joe’s part in the road accident. The crux of the story is none of above, but about motherhood. Watch the film to know the tale. 

There are major lip sync issues especially with Amala, who also has only one smiling expression all through. It is difficult to believe she is the one who sat in a corner covered in blood in the last scenes of Ulldakkam! Shane is a very cute guy on screen, Manju Warrier still needs to look out for a role that can give her a comeback boost. 


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7 thoughts on “C/o Saira Banu (2017) Malayalam | Manju Warrier, Amala Akkineni, Shane Nigam”

    1. Joshua is a related name to Joseph. Anyway petnames/shortened names need not always follow a set pattern.

      One of my friends, her name’s susie short for suhasini.


      1. Yes. Indian names do not follow a set pattern when shortening. But English names usually do. Eg. Bob is Robert. Liza is Elizabeth (or Liz). Maggie is Margaret. Interestingly, the same name may take a different form in different languages. For instance, John is Evan in Russia, Yovan in Malayalam, Juan in Iberian countries. The same way, Thomas in England is Thomma in France. (In Malayalam also Thommai, isn’t it?)

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  1. By the end of the movie, I was thinking of the died Bengali…
    They have imaginatively highlighted an important issue in a brilliant way….Loved the way Saira Banu turned the tables on Tharavady….That reminded me of a court room scene from the movie Pavada which was equally brilliant….just destroying the opposition arguments by sheer logic….The scene where Saira goes in search of the Bengali’s Mother at the end made the film complete….A decent watch…

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    1. The concept was good. And also shows how saira never wanted to hark tharavady, but tharavady played the dirty game. Pakshe could have been a lot better edited, and crisper the film took a long time to reach the core plot!

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