My Great Father (2017)| Mammootty, Arya

The plot is simple – when his daughter is sexually ill treated by a masked man, the father takes off to find him and take revenge. A very natural reaction, most of us would have, if we are in a similar situation.

The larger story of the film is about this pedophile at loose, who has been kidnapping little girls, and staging their deaths. There are motifs which the crew of the film uses to dramatise the plot. A special cell in the police are also on the hunt for this man! but that’s where the treatment of the film gets dodgy! There is something very disturbing in the way the film handles the theme of pedophilia. 

video direcred by director Jude Anthony starring Nivin Pauly on the good touch and bad touch has been released. The video is in Malayalam with subtitles in English. Very similar to the Aamir Khan video from Satyameva Jayathe and many others released there after. Children need to know! Tell them and pass on the message. 


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10 thoughts on “My Great Father (2017)| Mammootty, Arya”

    1. One of friends kid, he is all of 4, when he stood up to go to the loo in the mall, his mother asked him, so what will you do if somebody touches you badly, he screamed and showed us. We were sitting in an open cafe inside the mall, his reply made some of the other guests in the cafe look up and we had an appreciative laugh moment.

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  1. But the Great Father of the reel is Silent when we needed him to be the Great Father in real. His silencing is deafening. This movie, I thought highlighted Mammootty more than the issue at hand. Giving reasons and occassions to wear overcoats, glasses and boots. The great reveal about who the Joker is was a damp squib. The second half looked hurried and unconvincing…the puzzles getting solved little too quickly….Couldve been better…


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