Book Pile & a tag! 

  1. The thinnest book in my stack is Swallows and Amazons, published in 1930, by Arthur Ransom. (156 pages)
  2. The thickest book is the Glimpses of World History by Nehru, published in 1934. It is a continuation of the the letters he wrote from prison to his daughter Indira Gandhi. (1280 pages and in one of the tiniest of font sizes)

Shweta asked me to peep into her post about a book tag she did on the occasion of World Book Day. I chose to answer two of the easiest questions among the lot. Run your eyes through your shelf, Kindle or a book stack and tell me what’re the thinnest and thickest books in your pile.. Or that you have ever remember reading … 


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13 thoughts on “Book Pile & a tag! ”

        1. Usual questions! There can be multiple answers. And the tag is definitely a harry potter inspired! Allengil there are so many books after the last harry potter and twilight.. So anyways


    1. I have a couple of those at home, heard they filed for bankruptcy a second time … And that they have stopped publishing in the US. Sherlock Holmes, I have Doyle’s books in two volumes.

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