Sakhavu, a Siddharth Shiva Film starring Nivin Pauly

Sakhavu in Malayalam, (Comrade in English) tells the story of the left movement in Kerala. It spans over two generations of comrades both lead by roles played by Nivin Pauly. Although there is a wait for when will the interval appear…. the film works well as a result of a good script and its mersmering music and background score. 

Any day better (conceived, acted & executed) than the earlier release last month, Oru Mexican Aparatha, on a similar theme with Tovino in the lead. But Neeraj Madhav stands out in that film with his mature acting. 


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5 thoughts on “Sakhavu, a Siddharth Shiva Film starring Nivin Pauly”

    1. Sakhavu is an Easter/Vishu release this year. Neeraj Madhav did justice to his serious role in the other film. After seeing him lofing around in so many, as a sakhavu he was too good.

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  1. Oru Mexican Aparatha, Sakhavu and CIA..All as a result of the LEFT OVERKILL.
    Sakhavu was the only one worth mentioning.
    And it is interesting to note that all these movies sing the same tune…
    Getting nostalgic about the heydays of the Left and promises of creating a utopia at the end of a proletariat revolution romancing it but the reality is far far away from it….
    All three pales in comparison with the Murali Gopi’s brainchild LEFT RIGHT LEFT.
    It held a mirror up to the left,questioning them wavering in terms of ideology, revolution, and utopia….Times have changed, Their own leaders who represented the working class have turned Bourgeois in this neo liberal India…This scene describes how far they have come from their promises!! No wonder why the left, normally the crusaders of free speech, wanted a ban on LEFT RIGHT LEFT!!
    Check out the video: How much they have changed!!
    Bourgeois iney tholpikkan Bourgeoise aayittu Kaaryam illado, Bourgeoise intey acchan aakanam!! He turns communism into capitalism! Yyo Entammo!!

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    1. Left right left is a classic. CIA was… I don’t even know why amal neerad took the film, oru border politics and all that! Mexican apparata brought out neeraj madhav as the actor. After all the comic roles he has done, he makes a mark with acting here. Sakhavu, drags but watchable.. But to see tovino act, godha.. Is a well made film!

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