L: #atozchallenge17

So day 12, L – one of my favourite sweet heavens in the world – the ladoo. 

I used to be this big time ladoo fan during my school days. Whenever my dad used to call everyday before coming home, I’d ask him to buy one or the other kind of these balls of yum…. the yellow ladoo made of smaller ladoos, or that yellow ladoo with a smooth finish, or the white one made of coconut or rava, or the one one that oozes all the world’s ghee from it. And he used to get them for me without fail. Nowadays MJ has a craze for these ladoos which oozes out ghee … 

L for ladoo..the Indian sweet balls … Bliss balls… 


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13 thoughts on “L: #atozchallenge17”

  1. My favourite sweet is a kind of halwa prepared with palm jaggery (Karuppukkatti). It is available in Northern Kerala. It is said to be usually prepared by Malabar Muslims. When I had been to Trichur, I searched for this sweet. Because I didn’t know the name, I couldn’t get it. Any chance you know about the sweet?


        1. Kozhikode halwa is yum! Comes in many different varieties, made from many different ingredients. I love the ethakka halwa the best. The one you are referring to would be the black colour jaggery halwa . .


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