J: #atozchallenge17

Mornings at home are late, mornings at home also are about solving these word and number puzzles. A ritual since school days that continues whenever I’m home.. Each of us have a niche puzzle, we wake up to solve… 
A jumble to tickle your brain word cells – #atozchallenge’17

As an afterthought, I can re-watch Julie & Julia, the film any number of times. I looked forward to read the book by the same name with great enthusiasm but the film stands as a favourite in comparison with the book. 


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13 thoughts on “J: #atozchallenge17”

      1. Yes … and for me it becomes prophetic … if I get the puzzle it means my day will go well ….. so sometimes I do it at night. Then if I don’t get it , I just go to sleep


  1. My mom loved all those types of puzzles Pins – this jogged a nice memory for me. She did them daily and looked forward to them. She also liked doing jigsaw puzzles. Those puzzles, like you say, keep your brain sharp. With all the items the brain must process in a single day, it needs all the help it can get!

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      1. No haven’t tried the recipes…
        The terrace garden has taken a back seat due to various reasons. 😦 Not planted anything new. Just maintaining a few old ones..


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