Another H to end the day


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

4 thoughts on “Another H to end the day”

  1. Even in all the hot weather you are having? It looks yummy and soothing and brings memories of my mom making it “from scratch” … boiling milk and mixing chocolate Quick mix in and plopping marshmallows on top … so nice to come into the house after playing in the snow and wrapping my chubby fingers around the cup back in the day.

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    1. Hot chocolate is seasonless Linda. This was at a coffee bar, I prefer hot chocolate over a cup of coffee when outside … A cup of hot chocolate when we came back from school after all that running around and play, a dollop of ice cream during summer vacation


      1. Makes me want one right now Pins … I have not had hot chocolate in years -outside anyway. I like coffee, the stronger roasts, but some of those mocha specialty coffees, are such a treat … I worked in a building with Starbucks on the first floor and used to go there a lot, but since working at home since 2009, it is just plain old Nescafe and no hot chocolate. I need to live a little! 🙂


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