H: #atozchallenge

H has been playing hide and seek. Tomorrow is Monday, Monday is a day for H, and I have something for J, and nothing for the letter H.

I read the sentence I just wrote again, and I find that word hide and seek begins with the letter H 😀 That I think is the power of writing it all out. This was a random post until it struck me that I have (a word beginning with h) something to say about hide and seek, a game we all have played one time or the other – many hide, one seeks. Have you played the blind version of it we call Dark Room?

Dark Room is hide and seek without lights, ideally played during nights in rooms which are pitch dark. The seeker here has to find the ones hiding in the dark inside a dark room. If we were playing during the day, we would block the lights with black curtains or cloth or some such. Whenever we played this game in my maternal home, we’d play in one of the middle rooms, where even during the day, no light came as those set of rooms were surrounded by other rooms on all sides and did not open to the outside.

One of my cousins once hid in/on a chair, the rest of us stacked the chair with clothes, making it a chair-drobe (chair +wardrobe). The cousin who was the seeker tired of not finding any of our hiding places in the dark, sat on the chair.. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀



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