The proper E post .. #atozchallenge 

The Eiffel Tower 😊 
PS: 😇 this post posted by itself without the content, and the picture,  I received two-three likes on it. I find it strange that the title fetched the likes, and not a single comment on why there was no content .. Interesting! 

it is conversations and dialogues that give me a high for a post not the number of likes on it. Kindly refrain from liking a post if you havent glanced at it, and make a mockery of yourself. Thank you for stopping by. 



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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

14 thoughts on “The proper E post .. #atozchallenge ”

      1. Ohhhh, these days many comments end up in my spam folder. Atha njan chodichathu. Yeah, there’s no option for that. There’s an option to close the comments section but no option to remove the like button.

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