C – #atozchallenge

Take a bottle of ice cold water and splash it on your face. During the summers, this is one of the best ways to revive ourselves from the tiredness of the heat. A better way would be to take a napkin, soak it with water and wipe our faces with it,  works better, but I’m  somebody who has the least of patience. In addition to that ice cold juice of a lemon with salt… 

What are some of the things you do to calm your bodies from the heat. I keep a bottle of aloe vera gel handy all the time. 

C – cold water! 


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33 thoughts on “C – #atozchallenge”

        1. They will be chained to the footpath or some such for fear of being stolen. Oh and the scarcity o:f water, … The govt will have think a lot if they think of even implementing .. πŸ€” what about a/c footpaths 😎 #idea2

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      1. I have been looking through your site Pinnish and trying to find where you are living – forgive me for missing that fact if it is staring me in the face. I was especially curious after the banana posts we exchanged the other day. But more curious after this post about the heat … so, I know it is a warm climate and you’ve got my curiosity piqued; plus a very different time zone – your posts appear a day ahead of our time here! Do tell! Here in Southeast Michigan, we are going to have a chance of snow on Friday, April 7th.


        1. Linda, I stay in India in the city of Mumbai. We have summers coming up weather wise here and the monsoons two months after, waiting for the summers to end and the rains to begin to cool the earth down and us.


          1. Thanks Pinnish – I was guessing perhaps India, or maybe the Philippines, and, I was curious. Thank you for telling me. I read the novel “The Far Pavilions” many years ago, and, it seems the hot and steamy weather was mentioned, but that novel was set in an earlier period of time too. I did not realize it was that oppressive with the heat there. Hopefully, the monsoons will help to cool you off and not be damaging – stay safe Pinnish.


            1. It is a huge country, when the heat couples with the humidity it is a little irritating. Mumbai is a coastal city. So humidity is high. But different parts of the country have heat in different range. But there are intermittent rains which cools it down as a relief in between. Thank you Linda.


              1. Thanks for explaining this Pinnish … I am just seeing this now because, speaking of rain … we had some torrential rainstorms and thunderstorms last night and I shut down my computer. We have had a very rainy Spring and a mild Winter … here is our problem here in Southeast Michigan … the saturated ground is making huge trees uproot and cause alot of damage to homes and cars where they fall. This is the second day of rain all day and it will turn into snow tonight. But 70 degrees on Sunday – bizarre weather indeed.


  1. That provides much relief! I see that you’ve decided to take up the challenge. (3 posts aayallo. Ini dhairyamayitt parayaam πŸ˜€) Cold showers are great too. But I guess the actual solution would be planting more trees. Global warming is becoming an increasingly serious concern. Enthoru chooda aa!

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