B: A-Z Challenge

My little cousins used to take my hand and begin to count the number of bangles I wore whenever there was a party. That was the little game they played behind my back on every occasion when the rest of us were busy catching up with each other. I used to wear at least two dozen bangles on each arm, matching the colour of my dress for the day. They used to love the sounds the bangles made when they hit against each other, I used to love collecting and buying them, for the exact same reason, and also that i loved wearing bangles.

I always loved wearing bangles. I used to wear my plastic ones to my class in kindergarten until that day when my class teacher scolded me for playing with them in class. I don’t remember wearing any more bangles to school after. Then, during that college trip to Hyderabad my love for bangles was rekindled as I entered the famous Choodi (bangle) Bazaar (market) at Charminar. I returned with scores of bangles, a box to store them, and a stand to display. that was the second birth of my love for bangles.

B for Bangle Crazy





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23 thoughts on “B: A-Z Challenge”

  1. And, I’ll date myself here (ahem) by saying that bangles used to thump down on the desk when we pounded away on a typewriter back in the day – every time we’d reach up and swing that carriage return to get to the beginning of the next line, thump would go the bangle bracelet. It would chip the veneer of the brightly colored ones or scratch the wooden ones, and Ms. Miller, our typing teacher in 9th grade (circa 1969-1970), would come around, look down her glasses at us girls, and rap our fingers with a ruler for wearing bangle bracelets in typing class. She would similarly do that when we wore those huge and gawdy rings that were popular at that time. She was humorless … we just thought we were cool. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaahaha! I can imagine all the sounds made! And Ms Miller sounda very similar to my stern librarian Ms Alex at school. Did age keep her reading glasses at the very tip of her nose?


      1. Whew – we weren’t the only young women terrorizing our teachers … we are all alike aren’t we? I think Ms. Miller liked that look … the stern “taskmaster” looking down at her pupils, with her glasses pinching her nose, which gave her an authoritative flair. And then there were charm bracelets, also destined to get hung up on the typewriter carriage return as well. We were older by then and out of typing class thankfully. I don’t have a Pandora charm bracelet, but I guess there are no worries with computers and wearing them.


  2. We have one more thing in common, pins. I’m crazy about bangles too. I think I’ve a perfect match for every dress in my wardrobe. 😁
    And congrats, you made it so far as the second post! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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  3. I am myself a bangle girl. Back in the college years, I used to match all dresses with matching bangles. and at present whenever I get a chance to wear Indian attire, I never miss bangles.

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  4. I understand that passion too. In my college days fine silver bangles that jangled were the craze. I too loved bangles till I found it hard to remove while working ( cooking , looking after kids) not to mention the depressing thought of buying bigger and bigger sizes every other year!

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