What’s in a name: Banana fritters in English or ethakkaappam in Malayalam

Kerala is a land of bananas, we have many many varieties like there are varieties of potatoes in Uttar Pradesh. Ethakka, or the banana famous for the banana chips when ripe, make it extra ripe is sliced, dipped in a batter of maida/wheat with sugar and some tumeric (for colour) and shallow fried in coconut oil to make these banana fritters. 

To a malayalee this traditional snack will always be ethakkaappam or pazhampori, a reminder of beautiful times after school, over summer vacations, family time… Memories just trickle in … ethakka – is the name of the banana used, pazham is how banana is referred to Malayalam, though pazham can also refer to any fruit as such. Calling it banana fry is still palpable, but calling it Banana fritters sounds very alien to me. 

What’s in a name – a lot πŸ˜‚


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29 thoughts on “What’s in a name: Banana fritters in English or ethakkaappam in Malayalam”

        1. Now im confused πŸ˜‚ which snack dos yiu remember from weekends -pakoras OE fritters?

          It is a little difficult to get hold of this banana if not in kerala, did you grow up in Kerala or near a Kerala shop?

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  1. Ethankai appam is another name. Then semi ripe ethangai chipped into pieces is dipped in melted jaggery with powdered cardamom and fried. It could be preserved for some days. Ethan pazham (fully ripe fruit) will go with ‘puttu’ and sugar, preferably jaggery instead of sugar.

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    1. Yes, and I also love steamed ethakka for breakfast. When in abundance, these are sun dried and preserved … Dip in some jaggery juice/chocolate syrup, peanut butter it becomes close to heaven

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  2. This sounds like a taste treat that once tried, you’ll never go back to just unpeeling a banana and eating it like that … I like my bananas sliced onto a peanut butter sandwich … though not a fried “peanut butter and ‘nana sandwich” – Elvis Presley’s favorite. I’ve only had apple fritters – yummy!

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    1. I love my bananas sliced, dipped into chocolate sauce/cream. A very popular way of eating banana here is making chips out of them. Finely sliced, deep fried, rolled up with sweet or savoury powders. This one fritters is a very common and traditional snack in our parts especially made with a certain kind of ripe bananas.

      I haven’t tried banana peanut butter and bacon before, but I’m sure bacon will make it to a whole new level.


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