Thursday Thoughts stitched together 

Today and tomorrow, and March in 2017 becomes history. 3 months of what seemed to be a long 12 month year has passed by. A quarter in a financial calendar, 3/4 of a semester in educational places, a trimester in a period of pregnancy, what else, what are the other ways of talking about three months?

There are days when every time I look at the clock, the time wouldn’t have moved, moved slower than usual. But then I would have felt I have done a lot in that little time. Then there are other days when five hours would have come and passed by like that pigeon who swooped down from a branch of a tall tree.

For the first time in a long time, I found I was staring at 11.11 on my clock yesterday. There is always something extra special about catching them when they are at their twins – 22.22, 23.23, 09.09.

In pictures tales, I have for you a sneak peep into a jar of lemon pickle my aunt made, a recipe passed down to her from her mom… 

Thanks BB for the snapseed hint. I’m loving it. Linking the lemon pickle to ABC Wednesday 20L, linking to dutch goes the photo as I am looking forward to relish it with my meals this April when it is set to perfection.


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7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts stitched together ”

  1. Yupp….3 months have ‘evaporated’, is what I feel when I look back. I would worry that things are still on the backburner and aren’t moving ahead, but off late, am learning to go with the flow, unbothered, kinda :).

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