Tell me if I am not smiling ;)

That was pinned to everyone who served us at this restaurant. I wanted a picture of the badge from the moment I saw it, for obvious reasons (I didn’t think of writing a post then, there was a time like that once upon a time, not anymore). It was the first time I have seen such a pin on the servers in a restaurant. But the head steward who was busy explaining the dishes was far far away from where I sat. That’s when I realized that his immediate junior designated to our table, who was at the very moment trying to balance a live crab in one hand, and a whole tray of fishes set over ice on the other was closer. While the rest of the table was immersed in the menu card figuring out what to eat, and keenly listening to his talk, I was trying to click a decent picture of the pin. The junior seeing me and my friend looking at him intently with a phone out gave us a good pose. Little did he know we were interested only in his pin, not his face, crabs or the fishes.

Now, if it were me, I’d have asked them to smile if they weren’t because of the pin. It gives us the licence, because it is almost a command, an order like a food on their menu card, one smile please, or make it two, one guffaw and a smile 😀

But just imagine, if every guest asks them to smile when they are not, I fear for the plight of their cheek muscles at the end of a busy long night. Too much to ask for don’t you think? All that the pin means is to be pleasant and cheerful (I’m assuming) while serving their guests. Smile would be a euphemism for that nature. But just imagine, if someone took it literally! they are in fact digging their own grave by such an offer 🙂 People vs the steward who didn’t smile, in spite of his pin 😀 😀

The restaurant : Gajalee at Ville Parle, people come here for their delish seafood. But out of all the food ordered and served that evening, all of us unanimously voted for a second round of their dishes made of paneer (cottage cheese) – the starters and the side dish over the prawn masala. This, coming from a group of die hard lovers of the prawn meat, should go in as highly recommended 😀 😀  May be their seafood chef was having a bad day, or we were expecting too much from them after all the glowing reviews. If you are visiting, make sure you order their mutton dum biriyani – soft meat, great flavour and a mint raita to die for.


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12 thoughts on “Tell me if I am not smiling ;)”

    1. that’s the principle I work by, smile and the world smiles back at you. In some cases, may be not the first time, but subsequently people can’t be poker faced and ignore a smiling face for long 🙂 shshsh!

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  1. Smiling comes naturally to a pleasant and happy 😊 person…

    And it doesn’t cause any facial muscle to be strain or be sore .

    But some people have to be reminded that a smile is very inviting.. and is very contagious

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