Food at the beach! 

I met this woman as I made my way to the beach. “She has brought everything she had from her kitchen” commented a friend. We moved on a little further and found that she was not the only one who had packed everything from her kitchen. As we made our way further down to the beach there were others. And all of them women, they sat in a line, with their eatables spread across under the shade of clumps of casurina trees lining the beach.

They had a spread of cut fruits, salted nuts, sharpened knives, and coloured powders, when mixed together and served in small bowls made from palm leaves (i think) makes delicious snacks – especially on a hot day after a dip in the beach, fully drenched from the salt water and toppled by banana floats. 

I envied them that they were at the beach everyday, enjoying the beach air, of course, they were there earning a living, but it seemed fun to me, may be not to them. Or it could be that they just work out pleasure and work together. I wish they do enjoy their job.


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