I took myself home from the university on my second semester break, alone. That was my first solo trip. I booked myself into the 24 hour train the very next day after my last exam was done for the semester. My friends were waiting for the dates when the students concession rates would begin which was a week from then, I had no patience, and since then I’ve travelled soon after my exams were over, the same evening or the first mode of transport the very next day. A few of my friends have also accompanied me in the later semsters for they felt waiting was taking time away from beingin the comforts of home… relaxing, far away from work was the one point agenda.

I never felt I was travelling alone or I never had a feeling of “oh it was my first solo trip” I had a reservation for a side upper birth, and Somerset Maugham’s Ashenden for company. Every time after it has been the same set of feelings of no particular exhilarating feelings of travelling solo. 

Was the trip life changing? May be, I’m not sure. I made friends with the fellow passengers which is the case almost always even while I have company, watched out for the sunsets and sunrises, the painted horizons, the wind on my face …. Did I get more time to look at the nature around me because there were no distractions in the form of people? May be. But that was just the beginning, after which I have taken myself on different trips for leisure and work … I guess my parents would have thought their daughter had grown up to travel alone, that could have been the life changing impact, but they never showed it off 😂

Buzzfeed has come up with a list of shares on life-changing-solo-trips. Which brings me to the question curiously about how many of us travel solo? Don’t we all? May be we don’t plan many a vacation alone, but otherwise we have all travelled solitary. Solitary sounds better than alone as the word alone gives a sad ring to the context. 

Nowadays people travel alone and take selfies! Isn’t that the fad? I’m not into taking selfies either. There are trips where I have it all recorded in a note book and not as a single picture, like the recent pondy trip where I have it all in my head and my books and nothing in pictures. I can still see the people, the sun, the walks, the lights, the skies the dinners…   Some places sound lovely in the pages of a diary recollected as Wordsworth has said, in tranquitliy! 


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3 thoughts on “Solo-trips ”

  1. You’ve taken these solo trips in the right spitirt. I don’t understand why people travel to some place, apparently to see the place, and then end up taking pics of themselves eclipsing the place! Wtf! Penning a journey down is the right way to record the event and the memories. Well done

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    1. Hahaha! Some people do travel, take part on marathons, climb Mt. Everest to put out the pictures on FB/social media. If the posting give them a high good for them. I find some of their posts useful to plan trips and know new places…

      But ya, these days single-woman travelling is a big thing…and I don’t understand why! Because many are travelling, but on the other hand given the patriarchal society it could be difficult for a mother or a wife to think of travelling alone without the family for pleasure! Could be that! Not sure.

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