Happy Holi everyone!

Konkan Vegetarian Thali
The konkan non vegetarian fish thali

When it comes to non vegetarian thali, there is very little vegetarian dishes on the plate which is something I’m not very happy about. I love to have a dry vegetable side dish, a scoop of pickle, a few pieces of pappad along with my food. I cannot have dal though for some reason, but ya! 

Food was awesome. Th gravy in the non vegetarian fish thali is made of prawns. That dal in the vegetarian thali plate tasted yum with rice and that mango pickle at the end of the meal. And all washed down with Sol kadi, the light pinkish liquid 

Happy holi, rang panchami. have your puran polis and make memories .. 



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pins & ashes

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27 thoughts on “Happy Holi everyone!”

      1. Dead here. I’ve already done the pooja and the tika and all, but no one in my society is out. I even called people to see if they were home so we could all gather up. Nada. I guess Pune is a dead city, not pensioners paradise πŸ˜‘

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