Oru Mexican Aparatha (2017) | Tovino Thomas, Neeraj Madhav

Neeraj Madhav comes out as a fine actor. After all the comedy roles he has done, this film sets him apart, and people will begin to see him in a different image. 

There is a certain way in which Malayalam films have been presenting campus politics to us through these years. Think of any film, the adrenaline rush when you see the actors fighting, running around on screen, the sentiments, think of lal salaam, left right left, oru Indian pranaya kadha, even the kalippu parts of premam …there is nothing of that sort here. I’m not anguishing on its absense! But ..

Set in Maharajas College in Ernakulam, the story of the film is set amidst the campus elections, the prep for the MG university youth festival, campus politics, ousting .. A campus film in the backdrop of their elections, (thallu, veetikuthu, ellam). 

There are moments in the film, but other than that I found the film slow, and almost a mockery. Mexico, Cuba … !! 😴😴 

Received this is as a forwarded message on WhatsApp. I’d say pretty decent. Guess who. 


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7 thoughts on “Oru Mexican Aparatha (2017) | Tovino Thomas, Neeraj Madhav”

  1. Ha Ha Ha Liked the nadan twist at the end!
    Chegu Vera Annanum Castro Macchaanum!!
    Like I mentioned, All fire and no smoke…
    You are right: They run, shout, drink, smoke, flee,chase and what not!

    But do you know what was the greatest sin committed by this film?
    It made a mockery of History!
    The film glorified villains of real life in this reel version!
    Maharajas college was an SFI bastion.The film should ideally have thrown light at how KSU managed to break the former’s stranglehold on the college and emerged triumphant. Instead the director Tom Immatty glorified SFI reversing the entire history! In reality it was SFI which lost that elections and KSU which won!

    Karl Marx is the father of HISTORICAL MATERIALISM which stresses on importance of history but look how Marxists themselves are degrading it to glorify themselves….Marx would be rolling in his grave!!


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