I am a good girl 

of course, I am a good girl, no matter what anybody says, I’m the good girl. But what does it mean to be good? Does the good make me want to wash your mouth when you use slang or my mouth when I use them to vent my frustration, anger or any emotion? Oh, I’m a good girl, can I use slang? Oh! wait, can I even react? Do good girls react to anything? Does good mean to remain quiet! I’m a good girl you know, well behaved, well dressed. Good girls don’t shout, good girls don’t watch porn, good girls don’t party, good girls live happily ever after, good girls wake up in the morning, good girls obey their parents….

Nonsense and semi nonsense!

I’d say, goodness is in action, goodness is in the thought, if our hand reaches out to help somebody in need spontaneously wherever we are, for me that qualifies as being good boy and girl. That thought can subsume every rebel, every slang, every dress, every hairstyle, ever worn or done.


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12 thoughts on “I am a good girl ”

  1. Oh I so relate with this. At school I was labelled a ‘good girl’ by teachers and fellow-students alike. One day a teacher found me bunking the class along with others (no do-gooders) and she singled me out “I expected better from you, Pradita”… I mean WTF! People do it all the time, and no one gets scolded. I do it once, and I’m a sinner? Goody two shoes are always people who get stuck – for either being too good, or for trying to be bad. Great post that highlights this predicament in our hypocritical society.

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    1. That had happened with me too..I was also a _good girl_ but once I was helping a friend to copy in an exam..And the teacher was like “That wasnt expected from you.I thought you to be a good girl”😅

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            1. Hopefully! Very universal. Almost like there needs to be a superman to save the girl in distress so the girl acts to be in distress so that the superman’s ego is boosted 😋 society is built around this idea everywhere, it will be difficult breaking away for men and women …

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