Anna Maria Kallipilanu

The film is about the little wishes of this little girl, Anna Maria studying in class 4. Her biggest dream is of winning a medal in long jump in school because her father too had won a medal for long jump in school when he was in class 4. That’s the short summary of the film. But while at it, the film talks about many adult world problems, and all this through the eyes of this little girl.

That’s the happy part, the kalippu part …How do I translate the word ‘kallipu’ for the non malayalee! Anger is the closest emotion to kallipu, but kallipu is more than anger!

Anna Maria is angry at her PT sir for calling her long jump attempt a foul. She is right to be angry because it was her best jump and it wasnt a foul! That’s not the only reason why she wants to beat him up. Her favourite English teacher resigns from the school because of him. She happens to over hear a conversation between them which she in turn reports to the principal. So, she hires a man to beat him up via her group of school friends. I know, we may find it silly, even the adults in the film did, but that’s the story, an innocent story of Anna’s dreams, the stories she believes in.. It is like the story of the tooth fairy I used to believe in or the story of Santa

Watch the film, highly recommended. Here is the trailer


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6 thoughts on “Anna Maria Kallipilanu”

  1. Siddique nailed his role as that Acchayan!
    Comedy was enjoyable especially between Aju Verghese and Sunny Wayne and the Biju Kuttan’s fairy! Yup a feel good film…


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