A Word with the Sun on a Wednesday

One of those days when I’m up earlier than usual surrounded by my little lights in my room, beside a window which is pitch dark on the other side, but coming alive with sounds of birds waking up… the pitch dark blackish on the other side of the window will turn a shade lighter with every passing minute, until it is 6:35 and boom, there comes a light.. the horizon out there at the far end gets a tinge of orange from below, giving me the signal, the man has started to rise and in a few minutes will come by with streams of light through the foliage of the surrounding trees. The birds become quieter during that time, they make the loudest tweets just before dawn breaks, they are too early riser. May be they sit and preen their feathers to welcome the day and the sun.

A Wordy Wednesday then


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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