“Every time you taste something that’s delicious beyond imagining and you say, “What is in this?”, the answer is always going to be, Butter. ….. The day there’s a meteorite heading toward the earth and we have thirty days to live, I am going to spend it eating butter. Here’s my final words on the subject, you can never have too much, butter.” Julie Powell 

Julie & Julia, a film that has stuck with me for long for obvious reasons. This butter quote, though I’m not a big fan of butter as such has stuck with me for longer, and after the film whenever I see butter I can remember only two people, one is of course Amy Adams playing Julie Powell and the other is my gym instructor who says, anything tasty means butter, so stay away.  


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

8 thoughts on “Butter! ”

  1. I love butted. Just seeing this makes my mouth water. Thank you so much for making my morning eventful. I could really use your feedback on my new short story at my Gastradamus blog called Eaten an Eskimo its a rough draft, but we need all the thoughts we can get before we make our final copy


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