August 1 (1989)|Siby Malayil| Mammootty, Sukumaran, Sreenath

Another Mammooty- Sukumaran starrer from 1989. Unlike Utharam, this story is set in the offices of the chief minister of the state and its other back stabbing chambers, where a plot is being hatched to murder the main man by his own party members.

The film begins when Sreenath, a journalist of a local newspaper receives an anonymous call tipping him off about the imminent murder. Sreenath reports it to Mammooty, who plays the role of Crime Branch Officer, Perumal, who are also close friends and college mates of the stubborn and righteous Chief Minister, played by Sukumaran.

An official inquiry into the matter begins which leads to the knowledge of a hired professional killer, who unfortunately is always in disguise, therefore, not traceable. Whether Mammotty and Sreenath are able to save their beloved chief minister or does the hired assassin win this round in finding an opportunity to shoot his next target is the suspense element of the film.




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11 thoughts on “August 1 (1989)|Siby Malayil| Mammootty, Sukumaran, Sreenath”

  1. I remember going to a VCP rental shop in chembur 1993 i guess, for this movie cassette a good 1 km walk away from home and the guy looked at me and asked me if I would be able to carry the heavy player home bcos of my frail figure and he was right when I just made it with aching arms.

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