Microblogging Mondays: Ramblings #16 The Lent Routine …

Another Lent Season begins, and I’m looking out for routine to follow or mini routines to follow that comes by with a hint of a temptation!

Here are my options:
1. Early to bed, early to rise (this does seem to be like a task)
2. No unnecessary arguments (my lifeline)
3. Stop blogging or blog regularly 
4. Don’t change the dp on whatsapp (hmm!)
5. Read at least 500 words a day for leisure (an emphatic yes!, leisure being the keyword)
6. Stop clicking pictures of food (this has been my lent for the last three years, and I have friends who make sure I don’t either)
7. Use the phone to talk (do I even use the phone to talk these days?)
8. Talk less (in general …)
9. Buy a notebook and write in it everyday (exercise for the fingers and rest for the key pads and boards

.. let’s see.. 

Vaayadi Pennu

Come February 16 and Kerala Catholics will be on their way to observe the holy lent for 50 long days before Easter like every year… Unlike the global 40 days, we do not take off the Sundays.

For me, personally, it has always a question of what to take off or take in, as vegetarianism which is usually the norm during the period,does not count.

If vegetarianism was the case indeed, then I will be observing lent all year round as the basic food at this hostel and around in this state is vegetarian. I think, this practice would have begun as a dietary regulation so that Christians will take off meat. Similar is the case with Keralites who take off non vegetarian food during the month of July-August, and eat foods that rejuvinate the body; a practice that originated during agrarian times to give the body a refresher.


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