It’s time for an N-N-1

Shall we, then.

Coming Saturday, 25 February 2017, 6 pm

at sun down and the night coming up, the lights inside the homes and fires beginning to burn will bring out great pictures, contrasts, reflections and colours.

Also it happens to be one of my favourite hours of the day.

Thank you for all the interest and response. Will send a reminder email on Saturday morning so that we show up with pictures at the appointed hour.

Cya soon, via email. Save the date, the time.

If you want to participate, drop in a mail at or comment here.

Vaayadi Pennu

NN1 are picture stories.

In Normโ€™s words, itย is an opportunity to see and read what different people, in differentparts of the world, are doing at the same time on a day, at a specific time.

I stumbled upon a NN1 last year at The Girl Next Doorย when she did a 3-3-1.

Three people, three places, one time,โ€™ that is โ€“ three people living in three different places click a picture at the same time of the day, agreed upon beforehand. These pictures (along with a short introduction to them) would show just how different the lives of people can be, in spite of existing in the same world at the same time.

which led me to Normโ€™s blogย And then NN1 happened,

n number of people, living in n different places, click a picture at the same time of the day and share

In theโ€ฆ

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