Double Decker Perspective! 

I was on a double decker bus recently and I must tell you the view from the top is different from the view from a single decker (what are these single decker buses called) buses.

The buses come in not just yellow, but also in blues and reds, ply short distances. To a regular commuter it may not seem much, but to a few of us who do not always get a chance to get on board of a double decker on a daily basis, this ride is excitement personified. Here’s some part of the route I took…

That first view of marine drive

Pizza by the bay corners and they always have relevant captions
A place of interest related to 26/11

The places where santaram unfolded 
The last stop!

Hope you enjoyed the ride. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

8 thoughts on “Double Decker Perspective! ”

  1. The excitement and the fun is palpable in your words, P&A! As a kid, I remember the excitement of getting to climb up before the bus took off as I often worried that I might tumbled down the strange winding staircase. Good one!


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