Oozham & Oppam 

The only thing I remember about Jeethu Joseph’s Oozham (2016) is Prithviraj, his backpack and the fact that he is running through some narrow streets of CBR followed by goons in black teeshirts. It is hard to escape the running because every other minute the camera showed him running, dodging these men in black. The story happened somewhere in between all the English dialogue and the running!

Priyadarshan’s Oppam (2016) on the other hand is all about hitting Mohanlal black and blue! It is not that I have a problem that Lal gets hit! But the filmmakers try hard to establish this man is blind (to the police officer) and then his supermanly extra sensory skills. Compared to this, Yodha (1992) handles the blindness of Ashokan with grace. 


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28 thoughts on “Oozham & Oppam ”

  1. True. I liked both the movies though, if not loved. Oozham had a lot of running sequences. And I could not figure out why the police could not track Prithvi’s brother’s incoming calls to establish if he contacted him from US and thus nailed the lie. Jeethu Joseph always forgets that call records can be tracked. Same with Drishyam

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    1. Excellent point made. The fatal flaw in jeethu Joseph’s thinking, I’d say. The problem is they were both thrillers, murder mysteries, solving, mouse and cat, kind of stories but the script’s thrill did not reach me somehow.

      I’d go for oozham if I want to watch one of them again. I’ll watch yodha an umpteeth time if i want to see lal blind.

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  2. I watched Oozham with my friends at our home and we were laughing like anything at the second half, at all those English dialogues. I can’t believe prithviraj signed for such a movie with that poor a script. So many loopholes too. If it wasn’t of prithviraj, I wouldn’t have survived till the end. I din watch oppam yet. Though I loved the songs.

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    1. That’s what! All that English dialogue! Chaadunnu, oodunnu, controlled circumstances. Villain, villante maakal! Sounded like a good way of narrating the story, pakshe paalipoyi! Enthu cheyyana alle! Oppam songs are good! Uzhathil paatundo 🤔, njaan ee oottahil maathram concentrate cheythathu kaaranam, I didnt realize even if there were any

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      1. Exactly!!! 😂 Actually there’s a song in Oozham too. Thirike varumo kaliyum chiriyum.. it’s a good song too. But aa song nte timing polum paalippoyi enna eniku thoniye. Cuz as song avar nalla happy ayt irikumbo nadakunnatha. But the lyrics sounded like they’re gonna be shattered somehow. That song sounded like a bad omen or something. May be they placed it there cuz it’s a flashback story after all. Prithviraj ee non stop ottathinte edaku alojikunnatho mato alle story. May be ee song m alojana de part avam. But I don’t feel like listening to that song anymore, after watching the movie. Villain and sons plus that gunda came to help.. ellardem English nalla chirikan ulla vaka thannu. There’s a dialogue by the villain to that gunda when his son dies. I’m not sure if it was this exactly but something like “Get out of my face” 😂 we laughed so hard that we were saying “Get outhouse” was far better to use instead. 😂😂😂

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        1. Yo i remember the song! The wedding fixing one! Lyrics onnum oormayilla. Yea he thinks through flash back! Even that commissioner couldn’t figure out the web cam was on! But jagathy minister could in that film (passenger, I think the name was)

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