What do you do with your story books?

On the one hand it is sad that many schools do not have a library. On the other it is sad that people with books keep them piled up in corners of their homes, in attics, in cartons and allow dust to settle down on them.This initiative is a good platform for such books discarded in cartons in far away and forgotten rooms of the home in a far away time.

But then there are people like me and a few friends of mine, who have books from as far back as school days, who still go back to those Enid Blytons, Champaks, Balaramas & Chandamamas, Chacha Choudarys once in a while, buy new ones when an imprint is released, set them up in a home library, and think twice before allowing people to borrow them.



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10 thoughts on “What do you do with your story books?”

  1. #If you have a library in your home, in its has a Soul.#
    Nowdays all are addicted in Mobile.They hav no time to read books.Then how they know the value of books and how they knows the soul of library?
    I kept my books in my own library. I know love it.

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    1. It is lovely having a library at home! but then there is always the dusting! 😛

      But on a serious note, it doesn’t matter whether the books are physically present in the hand or virtually on a device, the idea is to read, i’d say if devices like phones and tablets make people read more, why not. they’ll find their souls in those books.

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      1. You are right..!! ✌🏻Bt i think , they don’t have time to read books in device or through direct book.they are busy with social media sites. Thats why I mentioned that in previous comment.
        If we keep book in our own library, our main duty is to keep library like a soul of a body.

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  2. Maintainance is too high with the dust and all. I keep only the books I and the kids love. The rest goes to a book store that’s happy to buy them and give us coupons. So, we only end up coming home with more books to read. Sigh!

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    1. Hi Nish

      Thats absolutely a good idea. Some of my friends, among us we circulate the books.

      Maintainance is way to high. I have gone from oh I love that open book shelf to I want air tight dust free glass ones, where I can see the spine types.

      But buying never ends ya. It never does.

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  3. Indeed I have stacks of books in a high cupboard well out of reach that I only access randomly to dust or take down a few for my grandchildren to read. These are the books that their mothers cherished as little girls and capture their childhood so perfectly!
    I have now stopped buying any more books because they are too hard to throw away and impossible to keep dust free.

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    1. Exactly, my mother has preserved the books we read during our schools days, and we have followed suit. I find it very difficult to give away those books, and love going back to them often.

      Impossible to keep them dust free. I agree. Dust settles!

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