Tuesday Tales : Strange Philosophy

I’m going philosophical as I wake up this Tuesday morning, (Masoom, the sun literally knocked me awake like you described yesterday) so, everyone bear with me for a sentence or two 😂 

(Philosophy begins) “life is about dreams and also about meeting strangers.” (Philosophy ends) two thoughts from two posts I happened to read yesterday, Fison and Akhila. 

And they make complete sense! Off the Cages is like a dream, let me see how far it goes before we run into boredom with it. But to think that the three of us got together for it is in itself strange because not so long ago we were strangers to each other. I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be talking to these nuts if somebody had predicted this in the beginning of 2016. 

How then does that bridge gets build from being a stranger to being not a stranger anymore? In some cases there isn’t a choice at all. 😂 poor Akhila,  I gatecrashed into her real life like that, but with a few others they walked right into mine and have stayed to be mine for as long as it takes with the eccentricities, at times coaxing me to write posts on random pictures 😂😂😂 

Tattling away … 


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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales : Strange Philosophy”

  1. Well said ..
    I like your philosophy. “life is about dreams and also about meeting strangers.”Let’s join our hands….and start our journey.From now am not a stranger to you and you are not a stranger to me…
    Hi hi lol..have a nice day


  2. 🙂
    I’m very sleepy!
    wait.. you already know that. this comment makes no sense.
    will come back tomorrow and write a sensible one.
    * goes off to sleep *

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