When walls have ears

  • There is the sun streaming it, of course. He makes it morning, every day
  • I can hear the sweeper of the roads, moving among the dried leaves. His long broom with spread out broom sticks sweeping away everything that is on the road
  • There is the sun again, casting shadows.
  • I can hear a wheel barrow now being wheeled in. the rickety unoiled wheel making rickety noises. too groggy to think of another term
  • There are footsteps in the corridor. Somebody is walking with heels that make sound
  • The ceiling fans in the rooms below are still switched on and going round and round and round
  • There, I can hear a motor bike, and a bus, now
  • What else ..
  • The sweeper’s sweeping is a far away sound.
  • I’m waiting for another sound to pierce the silence
  • The crows came in – caw caw caw, two of them
  • one horn from the road
  • my ears are tired of listening
  • somebody started an engine, a car
  • I think that is a cycle!
  • okay. that’s that for the morning,
  • one more, somebody opened and closed a door

Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

One thought on “When walls have ears”

  1. Probably time for you to get up and contribute to the noisy world around you 🙂
    Have you ever wondered how it will be if the Universe went completely still, noiseless for even a minute? No, I don’t know how it will be, I am grateful for all the noise around me. Except probably for the incessant ringing of the desk-phones of my colleagues, piercing my ears from far and near. Now that is one noise I can do without 😀

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