Things found together!


Today’s Thursday Challenge is about “things found together” and these are the things found together on my table! πŸ™‚

The book is about the history of Madras/Chennai, tidbits from a city resident, born and brought, and growing old there. But for every little detail described I went back to my own Cochin, or Kochi as it is called for some time now. And I’ve been thinking what is that Cochin holds for me..Β It is not just about the nomenclature, it is also about what I have grown up, the roads, the buildings, the junctions, the cross roads.

I was stuck at the signal at Jos Junction the other day. Jos Junction is on MG Road, (every city in India will have a M(ahathma) G(andhi) Road.) But somehow the place seemed very different because a row of shops from Vidhayathil to Hotel Sapphire at Jos Junciton has been pulled down for making the new metro station. The sudden emptiness of the space, the absence of the buildings, and being able to see what lies behind where those buildings were… seeing that the space has become a make shift auto/taxi stand, I felt irritated at first, a sense of loss that the landmarks of this city I was used to and have grown up with has been changing with every visit of mine here. In that moment, I remembered the number of times I’ve shopped in Sylcon for shoes and bags, or gone and ate the biriyani at Sapphire, or bought an umbrella at Vidhayathil almost every year during school days.. all of the shops, and those memories just fit in together into that one space called the jos junction.

R. Unni wrote “kochi parazhaya kochi alla (kochi is not the old kochi, anymore) for the filmΒ for the film B BigΒ in 2006 or 07. It now seems like a premonition.


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41 thoughts on “Things found together!”

              1. Oh well…. Would’ve occurred to you had you called someone Madrasi in an exam hall and then they would’ve refused to show you the answer……
                Happened to me!!!!


  1. The comments were much more entertaining. πŸ˜€
    what did you do with the Green apple? Ate it or cooked with it?
    I like green apples. reminds me of witches and magic

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