Tuesday Tattles

By now, you’d know I’m hell bent on using the same letter for my blog titles. Tuesday Tattle Tales & Titles is what they call in English an alliteration 🙂 (I’m tempted to add Trump to the title, fits in like a fiddle to the tuesday tattles! he’s already trending, another t word! it is indeed the t day then)

The tattle this week is about the excitement  of finding these little packets of pure joy in a counter in a supermarket over the weekend. Are you wondering as to why this much of excitement? It is because these little packets were searched for far and wide, and never found, when found, they were out of stock, but the taste of it and the memories attached with it lingered on and made the cravings for them even more, and strengthened the search. (Yeah, it is a long sentence, but that’s the excitement  of finding the beans, like Raja Rao remarks in his Foreward to Kanthapura about the speech of Indians – in leaps and bounds, with endless punctuation marks,  (he may have meant commas alone) with no sight of a period.)

The real world calls them Jelly Beans. From the fictional world, I’d love to call them Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. There’s a reason, and you’d know in a minute why.


We (plural) are a bunch of who lives and reigns Harry Potter. Every time I took a beans to eat, I could only think of Dumbledore and his vomit flavour .. and nearly dropped the beans into the bag again, to pick it up again, and not think of the vomit flavour but think of blueberry and watermelon 🙂

Tjellies then 🙂 it does make it into the t word 😀


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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tattles”

  1. Haha ..I know what you mean about alliteration. In the last 10 months, I must have written atleast 15 articles whose headings are alliterations.. 😀

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