On a day that began with the thought that I had posted every idea that ever crossed my head in this blog, and that I had nothing more to type into my keypad, here I am to write post #3 of the day. On a day I thought I was most sorted about the blog, here I am beginning to think, no not yet, there are still a zillion ideas running through my head which needs space to taste the fresh air outside my head 🙂

(Oops, two sentences spilled into more than five lines. my language teachers would tsk tsk at me.)

so what am I starting to write? I forgot the thought when I remembered my teachers would tsk tsk for writing such long sentences 😛

Thank you everyone for giving me company today. I enjoyed the little intra conversations we had over the two posts. I guess that’s just what blogging is all about, these conversations, which are part of the post as they are part of the comment section of the post, but still not a part of the post since, they don’t directly refer to the post at all, but have deviated into other little things, and a little world of thoughts of their own.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.





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