Strangers of the Day

“Wait Madam, let me think” was his answer.

And I let him think and take his time to start the rickshaw which was not more than two minutes before he started to move.

My morning today was a rickshaw ride around my new home with a rickshaw driver who patiently helped me to find, buy a bouquet of flowers I was insistent on having for the day.

As I got into his vehicle, I asked him “I need to get some flowers, do you know of any place near by.” Though he took a while to think and then make up his mind to take a road, I started to like the earnestness in the guy. Of course, he would be paid more as the meter would run more if we take lots of rounds in search for a bouquet of flowers. But what happened is, my wish became his, and we navigated together through the lazy Sunday morning traffic, asking a few people when we reached dead ends, and finally finding a florist at a corner not far away from home.

In a day and age when people tend to be selfish and value their thoughts and time more, this act of humaneness this morning touched a chord.



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6 thoughts on “Strangers of the Day”

  1. It amuses to think about the myriad ways in which people touch our lives and leave a lasting memory in such a short time! Your post reminded me of a similar incident from last week. I, along with three friends had been at the Pune bus depot for a good hour asking every bus if it went through our destination for the day but no use. Until a very old guy (probably in his 70’s) noticed us roaming like headless chickens and joined us in our quest even though he had to go a different way! And 15 minutes later, he came sprinting (yes!) towards us and pointed at a bus about to leave from the other end of the depot! We did not get to thank him but that incident is the first thing that crops up in my mind whenever I think of that particular trek 🙂
    Cheers, Keep blogging!

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