#foodtales : A fishy meal in the middle of a lake



“If my folks see me now, relishing fish, they’d think it is not me at all.” I’ve always told this to my friends when we order fish and I happen to finish it off. Because I’m partial to the meats over fish, and consequently, whenever I take a second piece of fish for a meal at home, the family starts to chant, “the fish is quite tasty today” ๐Ÿ™‚

I come from a coastal area in India where fish is one of the main items on the table during a meal on a daily basis. But I’m not much of fish eater. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like my fish, I do, but there is always a but, and my friends never can believe I don’t like fish as much as they do.

So that said, this meal in the picture was at a restaurant in the middle of a lake in a watery part of Kerala. As they were surrounded by water on all sides, they served fish as the only non vegetarian item for lunch. A meal I took time to finish, but relished. The vegetarian dishes were equally tasty. I’d recommend their aviyal any day. A satisfied me, and a clean plate.



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