#13/1 Dangal Anthem

The national anthem was played and everybody in the hall stood up. This was before the film had begun. However, during the national anthem played in between Dangal when the girl won a wrestling gold, nobody stood up. Nobody even so much cared for patriotism or nation or treason. A few were sipping their cokes, and others their coffee, while munching on their popcorn, and their sandwiches, or biting into their momos, or chewing noisily on their nachos. There were hushed whispers as to how the climax of the film came about. Still nobody stood up during the national anthem.

I thought the national anthem had to be respected irrespective of whether it is played before the screening of the film, after, during and whenever it is heard/played.

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50 thoughts on “#13/1 Dangal Anthem”

    1. Derrick, standing up for the national anthem was always the way it was, but not in all in cinema hall across the country. It was made into a mandatory rule recently, a part of the public is opposing it, divided opinion. Hope all is good in the new year and more memories and photos coming up at your blog. Ash

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    1. that would be pretty weird! yes. but the insistence with which people are being arrested for not standing up for an entertainment show, then people should be made to stand even if they hear it anywhere~ 🙂 😀 😀 😀 kahi pe bhi, whatever you are doing .. 😀 😛

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  1. On the contrary when I went for the movie,People stood up on both occasions and it was heartening to see that people had respect for the National Anthem. Maybe you just got unlucky being stuck with a bunch of fools. There’s still patriotism, girl, there still is 😊

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    1. It is an involuntary act, I’d say to stand because of school training whenever it is played.

      What would you accord it to – love for the country, training or the law …

      what’s happening in hyderabad and you, Radhika and how is your girl.


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