#Mondaymusings moments

That moment when the water bubbles up and boils in a kettle …

That moment when the rays of that sun seeps in and lies on the bed like a ray of light reflecting the pattern of the window grills … 

That moment when the side dish you are making begins to become tasty in the wok…. 

That moment when a bird begins to feel comfortable wherever it is perched and begins to fall asleep, closing one eye at a time …

That moment when you see the food you ordered being brought your way in a restaurant and the tummy does a summersault..

That moment when the clothes begin to lose their wetness and begins to dry …

That moment when you begin to trust somebody like that and keep it up that way until it has to break some other day … 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

11 thoughts on “#Mondaymusings moments”

  1. That’s life, isn’t it? Things change.

    To flip the perspective, we also may have broken someone’s trust in life – very unknowingly. Maybe someone depended on us and we let them down. Maybe we were needed somewhere and we chose another more-important issue to tend to. Maybe there was an expectation that we did not live up to. And all in true innocence because we all have our priorities.
    Why feel bad for break of trust? Embrace it as a part of life – the way your write-up has embraced all the other moments.
    Embrace the night as much as the day. The night brings moonlight.


    1. True, unconsciously so many many things happen, like that story in Arabian nights about the merchant who killed the genie’s son with the seeds of the dates he ate.

      the night brings the moon, its rise and set and the moonlight. I love nights!

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