NM#13 Madras Meals

A plate of rice, sambar, a mango pickle, a side dish of grated carrots and homemade chocolate peda for dessert served by an ever smiling Uma. My kind of heaven! the pictures and taste remains with me, and my taste buds.

If I say I don’t remember when I began following Uma’s blog.. that would be cliche. So what do I say, I’d say, when I decided I’d be in Madras over a weekend, one of the three people I called up was her. When I landed and called her up, I told her I was bringing a friend along. Asked for her address, walked into her apartment, removed my shoes, plonked on the floor under the ceiling fan, and asked for some water. The rest she writes was fun.

UmaS Reflections


For this November blogging, I made this decision to write about the goodness around me. But then what about the goodness that happens to me? 😉 I feel a strong urge, almost equivalent to thrill, to share this here.

Yesterday, was a day to remember when my home was filled with laughter and non-stop chatter for nearly 4 hours, when I listened and listened and smiled and laughed along with her. Yes…am talking about the awesomely lovely Pinoo with her impeccable laughter!

When she called to say that she’s coming, the first question I asked was “What do you want to eat at  home?” And she was like “How about Rava dosa?” – she just knows the way to my heart.

But then yday, she went suddenly like “Can you give me Sambar rice?” How can I refuse a request for food?! Made capsicum sambar and loved watching her love…

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