NM#2 What is Cheat Post?

Wordless Wednesday is an example of a cheat post during a month long daily blogging marathon like NabloMoPo. This was one of the opinions that came up in our cozy little FB group. If this sums up the answer to the question I put forth in the title, let me tell you, I’m tempted to post a picture today as it is a Wednesday and I don’t feel very wordy about anything as such. And mind you I have a few scrumptious pictures, taken over the last few weeks of edible little things served on the plate. One among them is a thai chicken salad. I loved it so much that I went back to order it again on another day especially for its honey flavoured dressing. Towards the end of the meal the first time, I even asked the restaurant folks to lend me a spoon so that I could scoop out and drink the dressing alone. They gave me a salad bowl filled with a julienne of chicken and vegetables drizzled with the honey dressing, I gave them back a satisfied smile and a plate wiped clean that made me beam from the recesses of my tummy walls.


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

51 thoughts on “NM#2 What is Cheat Post?”

  1. Hey PNA,
    Now that you have tempted me enough with your word play, why not flash the picture too to let me sleep dreaming about the dish and it’s delightful dressing?
    Happy to connect with you for NaBloPoMo
    Let’s rock it together!

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