#NM1: Two phone calls

I woke up to two phone calls the other day. Two calls from two people, two people I’ve realized over time, I hold very close to me. Both the calls had its own urgenicies. One instructed me to wake up, get dressed and be at a mall in 30 minutes for we were going for a film. It is kind of coincidence that that second call came at a time when I was with her,Β a her I had fought with and not talked to for a few years, but went back to because we couldn’t not stay friends. She knew by the tone of the conversation that it was a patch up call, and she knew how it felt like to fight and make up. Two peopleΒ whom I have fought with just once so far, but a major fight that was, which stopped us from talking to each other, subsequently felt so uncomfortable that we had to become friends again. Two people, I have reached a certain level of comfort of just being!

don’t let your evil eyes stray this way πŸ˜€





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28 thoughts on “#NM1: Two phone calls”

          1. Lol!! Infact that’s the reason I stopped blogging …cuz once I started lagging in reading posts I never caught up and I really feel bad marking all read…so slowly I got demotivated

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