Why Does Chetan Bhagat Get Your Goat

I kind of don’t like the insistence with which CB is loved and talked about as the greatest literature available just because it is an easy read while commuting and easy on the pocket. The problem is not just showing them a new/ better writer, now that itself is a subjective stand. The problem is some of them don’t want to read a better writer. They still stick to the easy read of CB. The second kind of trouble I have is the content, if this material gets circulated, and if books influence people is true, I’d run around the roads saying horror horror

Every piece of writing is hard work, even writing a comment and articulating well is. But popularity and best selling in this case, seems to be a domino effect. So if best selling lists of book stores are the way in which people choose a book, then the book stores should be careful to have an assortment of books in that list, or they should have multiple lists for different categories. Anyways all the books published even within fiction by Indian authors since we are geographically restricting it to India cannot be placed under one roof.

There are a few writers and their books which are highlighted so to speak. When that happens, people who want to read, just begun reading as the article refers to, will pick those up. It is up to them to then finish that book, and explore. But if the readers are not ready to explore, and in the meantime CB becomes a favourite author, they wait for his newer books. There isn’t any problem in that. The problem is I can’t stand his books and I think he needs to write more responsibly if there is a larger target audience who is reading. So teach them through his own works how to look for better writing.. which I don’t think he will do. If he does, well good. otherwise he still gets my goat!

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I am no fan of Chetan Bhagat (CB). The mediocrity of craft in CB’s books keeps me away from them. His tweets and columns and speeches are often terribly offensive and rather unintelligent and crass.

I cannot wish him away just as I cannot wish away the reality of Dengue and Chikungunya. Some try, of course.

UK-based journalist-writer Salil Tripathi says “He exists for readers who are new to the English language and new to the idea of reading.” Author-columnist Santosh Desai agrees, “It marks a breakthrough of sorts – writing in English becoming popular in a mainstream sort of a way, moving away from a desire to exclude, speaking to a new set of aspirations with simple but resonant stories, cocking a snook at elitism.”

Moving away from a Desire to Exclude! I am not going to focus on the Desire, but lets just go with the word Exclude…

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25 thoughts on “Why Does Chetan Bhagat Get Your Goat”

  1. I havent read any of his books, so nothing to say about it…
    But in reviews Ive found people stating they are the best and some people say that he writes just for bollywood now…
    Maybe because I havent read any of his books, it will not be good to comment on his work…
    Though I disliked him as a Judge… haha

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        1. hahaa! it is loosely based on the book. I like the movie too. His was one of the first book on how an inside of an IIT works back when he published. I’d say that is quick read, especially as students will find similarities.. 🙂

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              1. Did you do that comment on purpose to make me feel jealuos?? Hahaha
                I really want to read the illustrted one but first Ill compleye the original ones…
                I am currently reading Think and grow rich! Have you read it?


                1. Na, I stay away from think and grow rich kind of books, but I like the Maverick.

                  The illustrated one, I received it as a gift yesterday, couldn’t wait to start reading it. Didn’t mean to make you jealous, you asked and I answered 🙂

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  2. Loved the article. I can relate to it. I have read 2 books of CB and I agree both were mediocre. But you must also consider the fact that CB’s target audience is different.

    1. Most of the voracious readers will not read his books.
    2. CB’s books inspire many people who are learning English or who have never read any novel to start reading English novels.

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  3. Hey! He doesn’t claim to be an intellectual! Nor is he a literary giant. While I don’t “love” him, you’ve got to hand it to him that he’s changed the way people write and has at least made some people in the world “readers”. And moreover , he’s followed his passion and made his dream come true . Not many people can do that.


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