… there are times when I grow very silent,

I rather not talk, not even listen, I want to just reside in my head!

Which is very rare for me because most often I am surrounded by people one way or the other.

A vacation for me then is to sit by myself in my room, or a corner for 10 minutes just like that holding my cup, may be get some quick reading done…

There are days when I just run away from the crowd, switching off my phone and not letting anybody know, where I’ve gone….

I may be day dreaming, sitting at a roadside cafe watching the crowd on their paths to somewhere


at a window sill watching the vehicles on the road, the clouds moving across the sky, the birds fleeting by.

I love to stand on the sky bridge and watch the traffic for hours from up above…

I love being alone, without a soul around me, not a soul to talk to, nothing to listen to, just me and my silences, the sound of a song (may be if at all) interrupting my intake of breadth.

#Vaayadipennudiaries Β –Β (I’ve always been the talkative one, always, ever since I began to talk when in my 9th month. And I’ve never ever shut up since)


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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