The reverse is true as well: what’s the opposite of love? A-love? if somebody starts to destroy you it means they have stopped loving you. 😎


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54 thoughts on “Love!”

              1. what??????????? oops i was kidding those are antonyms just my opposite meanings.. i dont have any theasarus Doctor 😛


                    1. swamiji you need any male disciples 😛 im good looking like actor..yea male swamis have actors as disicples no??


  1. True. Love is funny. .

    What I don’t understand is how can love finish.. How can someone just say I don’t love the other anymore..

    If you love someone then you love them .. Yes you may part ways but love still is there..

    Or is it me an idiot.. 😀😀 I still love and care for everyone who were once in my life and long to meet them..Sometimes. .


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    1. Love is one of the biggest mysteries, I feel with tons of explanations and adaptations. But all that said I think people are scared of those who love fiercely. People I feel are in love with an idea of love…the floating assumptions of love. So to them love is over once the bond breaks. But in reality I think love never ends it goes on, it changes phases into care, appreciation, into looking out for somebody, sharing, talking, pinging .. Commenting .. I’m a dreamer and an idiot I guess..


    2. ha, today someone was telling me, there cannot be a cancel button in love. I agreed to her as i believe love is never ending without any fullstops. even i cannot find any transfer button too..


      1. Exactly .. there is no cancel or transfer button..

        I find it amazing when people say they dont anymore, maybe they never did in the first place.. no wonder they have parted..

        we humans have complicated love a LOT.. as i said earlier I love with all my heart all I loved, so what if we are not together love has not diminished,

        so what if we dont talk to each other, love has not diminished

        or as i Said maybe I am a Idiot and we already know ASH is tooo 🙂 he he he ..

        so looking for other idiots 🙂 🙂 🙂

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          1. All that said and done, the three of us are being very idealistic. In reality there is love between people. However love changes into possessiveness or jealousy or hatred because of circumstances. Somebody stops to love and it changes into so possessive at that point. It no longer is care then. It turns into ownership. Aren’t we all prey to these feelings? So there exists a transfer button but may be in these ways. Otherwise how do we explain so much of hate in this world, how do we explain the nastiness …

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            1. I donno ash..all i can tell is from my experience…in my life i dont have any cancel / transfer button for love…then on hatred, i do have a forget button and you can read it from one of my recent posts. If this is about being ideal, yes i am. And i don’t want to move an inch to the practical world, in this case.

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                1. You are shuttling…now i don’t have any doubt upon that…either something grabbed your whole attention, could be some crush😜 or you are forcing yourself to change. Now let me know the reason behind…and ash, you can’t shuttle always like this, there will be settling mode too…


        1. When somebody a friend for instance behaves in untowards ways, repeatedly love goes out of the window! Not the care but the intensity may decrease and slowly dimnish if such acts continue.


  2. Wanted to share one of my recent poems on Love

    I believe love transcends into stages and one just moves on, looking for respect, understanding and more importantly, acceptance unconditional. Love alone is never enough. Love is not powerful enough to survive if it does not team up with complete acceptance and understanding. Everything in life is a choice, including love, the survival of it, or the end of it.

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